Case Study : From Chaos to Clarity -Revolutionizing Training Delivery – Transforming a Medium-Sized Business with E-Learning Platform Setup


  • Client: Emily, Operations Manager of “GlobeTech Solutions,” a medium-sized IT services company
  • Challenge: Dispersed training materials, lack of centralized training platform, and limited training accessibility.


  • Scattered Materials: Training resources were stored across various platforms, leading to confusion and difficulty in accessing relevant materials.
  • Inconsistent Training: Employees received training in different formats and lacked a cohesive learning experience.
  • Limited Accessibility: Remote employees faced challenges accessing training materials and missed out on critical updates.


Emily recognized the need for a centralized and accessible training platform to streamline training, ensure consistency, and accommodate remote employees. She decided to seek the expertise of an instructional designer to set up an e-learning platform.


  1. Needs Assessment: Emily collaborated with instructional designer Alex to identify training needs, goals, and user requirements.
  2. LMS Selection: Alex recommended a suitable LMS that aligned with GlobeTech’s goals and budget.
  3. Platform Customization: Alex configured the LMS, tailored to GlobeTech’s branding and user interface preferences.
  4. Content Migration: Training materials were organized and migrated to the LMS, ensuring seamless accessibility.
  5. User Management: Alex set up user roles, permissions, and access levels to ensure secure content distribution.
  6. Course Creation: A sample course was designed and uploaded to demonstrate content structure and engagement features.
  7. Integration of Tools: Alex integrated tools like web conferencing and assessment platforms for enhanced learning experiences.



  • Centralized Training: The LMS provided a unified platform for all training resources, simplifying access and navigation.
  • Consistent Learning Experience: Uniform templates and layouts ensured a consistent learning experience for all employees.
  • Remote Accessibility: Remote employees could now access training materials anytime, anywhere, boosting engagement.
    Improved Tracking: Management gained the ability to track employee progress and assess training effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Interactive elements such as quizzes, discussion boards, and multimedia improved learner engagement.

Through collaboration with an instructional designer, GlobeTech Solutions transformed its training approach from a scattered collection of resources to a centralized, engaging, and accessible e-learning platform. The setup facilitated consistent learning experiences, improved accessibility, and empowered the organization with better tracking and analysis capabilities.

This case study exemplifies how the expertise of an instructional designer can address pain points and catalyze positive change in the training delivery of a medium-sized business like GlobeTech Solutions.

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