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I recently had the privilege of spending some time working with EBS in a coaching capacity. It began with an unplanned opportunity, which turned out to be quite beneficial. They helped me navigate through various obstacles that initially felt overwhelming. However, they skillfully broke them down into manageable steps, enabling me to realize the potential effectiveness of my own processes. This newfound clarity allowed me to think more efficiently and approach challenges with a renewed perspective.


Tanitra proactively addressed an issue that I was grappling with. Once again, she adeptly deconstructed the problem, alleviating my anxiety and instilling confidence in tackling the necessary work. I greatly appreciate how Rachel approached the compensation aspect of our coaching relationship. Her compassionate and reassuring approach made me feel comfortable, particularly when dealing with complex issues. She helped me embrace conversations about challenging topics, alleviating any self-consciousness I may have had.

Tanitra encouraged me to think strategically about structuring my time to support content creation, with a specific emphasis on addressing the pain points of my target audience. She guided me in packaging my expertise into products that could offer solutions to my clients’ problems at various commitment and income levels. Moreover, she assisted me in formulating a comprehensive plan that aimed to drive my business towards profitability within a six-month timeframe, if not sooner.
In addition, I want to highlight Tanitra’s ability to demystify technology that initially seemed daunting. She has a knack for making complex concepts understandable and approachable. I wholeheartedly recommend Tanitra for any coaching opportunity she offers. I encourage you to seize the chance to work with her and experience the positive impact she can have.
Working with Tanitra as my coach has been an incredible experience that has greatly influenced my work. Prior to our collaboration, I found myself constantly spinning my wheels and fixating on issues without making substantial progress. However, with just a few targeted questions, Tanitra skillfully guided me in refocusing and reframing my approach. She helped me recognize the value of leveraging my existing assets and developing an asset-based strategy. This involved exploring how I could repurpose my content for social media, transforming it into an effective lead magnet that would attract new followers and grow my email list.

I truly value Tanitra’s approach, which involves highlighting positive aspects to build upon, asking reflective questions, and providing clear next steps for our meetings. She remains focused on helping me achieve my goals throughout our sessions. Her guidance and strategies have been invaluable in propelling my business forward, and I am incredibly grateful for her support.

I would recommend the Crystal Clarity Coaching program for any business owner. The content was taught in a way that was easily assimilated. With a clear and customized plan, I was able to solidify leads and create long term customer relationships. This learning experience taught me an elevated growth mindset and clarity that helped scale my business to the next level by focusing on my  goals. Tanitra’s attention to detail and personalized business plan will optimize and streamline your business to the next level.